The Path to Awarding the HCLTech Grant

Step 1

Call for abstracts

Announcement of the HCLTech Grant – Climate Action (Americas) through online portal and outreach through virtual townhalls and symposiums.

Step 2

Abstracts screening and review

Abstracts will be screened based on predefined eligibility criteria and selection matrix, by the governance partner, internal domain experts and CSR council members. The review will include a mix of objective and subjective parameters such as governance, relevance of the problem and solution, potential impact and innovation, and others.

Step 3

Call for detailed proposals

Organizations selected in step 2, will be requested to submit a detailed organization profile and proposal. These applications will go through the next level review process with a few additional parameters such as capacity to deliver, financial modelling, sustainability, use of inclusive approach, potential for partnership and scalability, and others. Upon completion of this assessment, the top 10 NPOs will be selected to move to step 4. 


Step 4

Field level validation and detailed due diligence

The top 10 NPOs would undergo detailed due diligence including field visits by members of local CSR Councils. At this step, four NPOs will be recommended for employee voting and Selection Committee review

Step 5

Employee voting

HCLTech employees from the 10 countries will get an opportunity to cast their vote for the top four NPOs. The ‘employee voting’ scores will also be presented by governance partner to the Selection Committee as part of the case presentation. Weightage will be applied. 

Step 6

Selection Committee proceedings

It will comprise a high-level panel of five members from the HCLTech leadership, one client representative and one external domain expert, who will review shortlisted applications based on case presentations. The winner and two runners-up organizations will be selected.

Our Selection Process Values