Congratulations to the winners of the first HCLTech Americas Grant

We’re investing $5 million over 5 years on big ideas for climate action. Will yours be one of them?

Why you?

The world’s greatest challenges need big ideas. Ideas that are born of purpose and passion. Ideas that invite cross-sector collaboration and creativity from all of us. Innovative solutions we can all get behind, because when they are realized they have real impact. If these ideas are your ideas, we want to help bring them to life.

Grant application

Why us?

We are nurturers, facilitators and supporters of ideas that matter, no matter where those ideas come from. We encourage each and every stakeholder to bring their ideas to the table. That’s how we supercharge progress. It’s how we solve for clients, companies, countries and yes, the climate too, because the only way to save and protect it for the future is by supercharging solutions now.

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Why now?

HCLTech recognizes the climate crisis as one of the world’s greatest challenges. That’s why our global sustainability strategy includes ambitious targets, such as achieving net zero by 2040. We also recognize our urgent responsibility, wherever we expand our business, to make a positive impact on the communities we touch.

Our global sustainability strategy

A history of scalable impact

Nearly a decade ago, HCLTech Grant was launched by the HCLFoundation to enable cross-sector collaboration and empower non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to play a decisive role in building a stronger, future-ready India. Today, HCLTech Grant has invested nearly $16 million in groundbreaking projects and is recognized as one of the largest grant programs in India—impacting over 27,000 villages across 22 states.  

The future of cross-sector climate collaboration

We’re proud to bring our learnings and innovations from India to the Americas. As part of our global CSR strategy, we’ll start by investing $5 million over five years to impact-focused, Americas-based NGOs to supercharge their replicable, scalable and sustainable climate action projects. As a $12.8 billion technology company with over 223,000 people worldwide, our mission is to bring together the best of technology and people to supercharge progress for our clients, our people, our communities and our planet.

Progress by the numbers

  • 22% reduction in Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions since 2019
  • Renewable energy accounted for more than 17.5% of our overall energy consumption in FY2023
  • 98% of our owned buildings are ‘Platinum’ rated by the Green Building Councils
  • 1.46+ million trees planted
  • 57.9 billion liters of rainwater harvested for reuse and groundwater replenishment in four years
  • $150 million invested by the HCLFoundation to transform 5.5 million lives in India 

Leadership Spotlight

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We’re looking for ideas that are replicable, scalable and sustainable.

C Vijayakumar

CEO and MD, HCLTech Executive Sponsor - Climate Action Americas
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Together, we will catalyze your innovative climate action solutions."

Dr. Nidhi Pundhir

Vice President, Global CSR, HCLTech