Who can apply?

Application is available to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who meet our prerequisite guidelines.

How to apply

Application process involves the following stages:

Create a new account to register your organization. Application form will require: 

  • Organization name (full legal name)
  • Address (state, city)
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Point of contact (first name, last name)

Application portal is now LIVE!

Submission of Abstract and Organization details, including documents

  • Fill out the project abstract, review, save and submit. Please refer to the instructions on the top of the project abstract form.
  • Fill out the organization profile, review, save and submit.
  • The organizational profile cannot be edited after submission.
  • Please make sure to save your page every time before you leave the website.
  • Mandatory documents to be uploaded to complete the application:
    • Registration certificate
    • Audited financials of the last financial year
    • Declaration form
  • Review and submit the form.
  • You will receive an email acknowledging the submission of your application on the registered email address.

Submission of detailed project proposal

If your abstract is selected, we will write back to your registered email with an application form, in which you will have an opportunity to explain your project/idea in detail.  

This will be your project proposal and completion of the application stage. 


We’re looking to supercharge innovative, replicable, scalable and sustainable climate solutions. If the work you do fits the following criteria, our mission is to amplify your impact. 

  • The organization’s bylaws should expressly permit engagement in purpose-driven projects and, where relevant, climate action initiatives, in accordance with the legal regulations of the country of registration.
  • The proposed project must be designed for direct implementation by the applicant organization. Sub-granting of HCLTech funds is not allowed.
  • The grant amount must not be used solely for infrastructure development / purchase of fixed assets like land, buildings, and vehicles, among others. Further, proposed infrastructure development costs must be spent in line with project objectives and activities defined.
  • The applicant organization, including its governing body members, must not have any pending litigations.
  • The applicant organization must not be blacklisted by any government agency, department, ministry, donor or international agency.
  • The organization must not have faced cancellation of its license, registration or membership from the country-specific regulatory or statutory body.
  • The applicant organization or its board members or employees must not have any political or religious affiliations.
Eligibility Criteria
Eligibility Criteria

1. Organizational qualification criteria

  • The applicant organization should be a legally registered entity as a non-governmental organization (NGO), not-for-profit organization (NPO) or a charitable organization for a minimum of three years in the country, where the proposed project will be implemented.
  • The applicant organization must showcase a track record of effectively managing grants of comparable nature, with an average value of $125,000 or higher (desirable), over the preceding three-year period.

2. Date of incorporation: The applicant organization must have completed a minimum period of three years (desirable) from the date of incorporation as of March 2024.

3. Organization registered address and project geography: The applicant organization must be legally registered in the country where the proposed project will be implemented. These will include the following ten countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru and United States of America. The proposed project needs to be tagged to a single one of the aforementioned countries, even if the applicant organization has registered offices in more than one country.

4. Ability to provide audited financial statements: The applicant organization must be able to provide documentation of audited financial statements for the last three financial years (desirable).

An inability to fulfill either of the abovementioned prerequisite eligibility guidelines or presentation of inaccurate and/or false information for the same will disqualify the applicant organization from the HCLTech Grant, rendering them ineligible to apply for further rounds.